ACL supplies to the Original Equipment market in Australia a range of heat shield products including corrugated insulated composites, steel core composites, steel case composites and phenolic glass reinforced shields .

A REVOLUTIONARY HEAT SHIELD MATERIAL is now available for the Australian aftermarket and is packaged and sold under the part numbers listed below.

Its construction, consisting of a ceramic filler sandwiched between two 0.15mm aluminised steel sheets, gives a very efficient high temperature thermal barrier suitable for a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications.

HR140-GTR 700mm x 290mm
HR143 700mm x 580mm
HR140-1600 1600mm x 580mm
Construction: 2 x aluminised steel sheet with ceramic paper insert, double corrugated
Thickness: 3.5mm
Max Temp: 850 °C - 900 °C

The unique double corrugation design allows the material to be formed into complex shapes and ensures exceptional rigidity. This material provides excellent performance in high temperature, noise sensitive applications and is available in a range of sizes.

Benefits     Typical Automotive Applications     Typical Non-Automotive 
High Formability   Turbo heat shields   Heating/Cooling
Low Weight   Catalytic converters   Marine
Recyclable   Undercar exhaust   Mining
Thermally efficient   Manifolds   Agricultural
Resistant to high temperature   Other hotspots    
Flame proof        
Sound dampening