Performance Bearings

Track proven to provide optimum performance, endurance and durability essential for higher RPM engines.

A distinguished pedigree and track record. Race Series performance bearings are products of more than a half-century of ACL bearing design, engineering, metallurgy and manufacturing experience. They are used extensively in the US. and Canada and are the overwhelming choice of racers and engine builders worldwide. ACL's experience includes designing and manufacturing bearings for GM, Ford, Toyota and Mitsubishi.                               



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ACL Race Series Endorsed by Premier US Engine Rebuilder

ACL Race Series endorsement


FORD MODULAR V8 (4.6L and 5.4L)

Race Series Bearings now available. Check out the Ford Application Guide for details.

NISSAN VQ35DE 2003-on

Race Series bearings now available.

Click here for details

FORD 2300 (2.3L) 1974-1997

Race Series Bearings to be available February 2007.

The rod bearings feature large chamfers on both sides of the bearing, and mains available for both single spark plug and

dual spark plug applications.


Race Series bearings now available.

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